T no desire) to read books, watch tv, or even play games on my computer or xbox. Indeed the fog was thick, but it eventually lifted and i feel clear today. Be prepared for the week after chemo i originally assumed that if i made it through the week of chemotherapy in the hospital i was pretty much home free, but that’s simply not the case. For me, my white counts dropped down to next to nothing within 5 to 7 days after chemo. Typically, if i was discharged on a friday, my worst day was the following wednesday (generally in the evening). order cheap viagra at the best prices http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-buy-online-viagra-pa/ cheap generic viagra viagra for sale buy viagra online buy viagra viagra for sale buy cheap viagra cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription Keep an eye out for that and avoid exposure to people during that time as you are quite vulnerable to infection. Also, make sure that you have a friend or family member “on call” throughout that time in the event you need to go to the hospital. During my 6 rounds of chemo, i was hospitalized 4 times due to neutropenic fever, but recovered just fine from each incident. In fact, after round #4, my absolute neutrophil count (anc) dropped to 18 (which is about as bad as you can get without going all the way to zero). I mention this not to scare you but so that you won’t be scared should you ever need to be hospitalized. According to my oncologist, this happens quite regularly, yet her patients always seemed to bounce back just fine. Should complications arise. Make sure you talk with your doctor and find out exactly what the procedure is if you have complications after chemotherapy. My doctor asked me to contact the “on call” doctor if i had a fever of 100. 5 (or more). Based upon my current temperature and how long i had the fever, the doctor could advise me to go to the emergency room. But that honestly did not always work too well as it often took hours to go from the er to actual admittance into the hospital. It would have been better if the doctor could have somehow admitted me directly, thus bypassing the er altogether. Others in my sarcoma support group have similar stories and it is my understanding that the emory hospital system is trying to improve this situation. But the point here is that you need to know how this process works with your doctor, your hospital, and your health insurance. And if you do need to go through the er (which is fairly typical), be sure to find out what your doctor can do to speed up the process. For example, on one of my unscheduled visits, the doctor called ahead to the er and they got me to the back immediately and i was admitted to the hospital within an hour. Just be sure to tell them when you check in that you’re chemotherapy patient and that you’re running a fever. That alone should signal them to move you out of the waiting room asap. Learn and know your body’s signals it was important to me to be able to distinguish between a. viagra generico como funciona